Male at Mazinzi Reef
A male of Mylochromis anaphyrmus at Mazinzi Reef, the type locality of this species; Lake Malawi [Malawi]. Photo by Ad Konings. determiner Ad Konings





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Mylochromis anaphyrmus (Burgess & Axelrod, 1973)

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Original description as Haplochromis anaphyrmus:


  • Burgess, Warren & H.R. Axelrod. 1973. "New Cichlids from Lake Malawi". Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine. 22(2):14, 87-98 (crc00162)

Conservation: Mylochromis anaphyrmus is evaluated by the international union for the conservation of nature in the iucn red list of threatened species as (LC) least concern (2018). Endemic to Lake Malawi, where it is common throughout the southern and western parts of the lake. It is relatively common in demersal trawl catches by subsistence fishermen but is rarely collected for the ornamental fish trade. No major widespread threats identified (Konings et al., 2019).