Male in the aquarium
A male of Apistogramma paulmuelleri in the aquarium of Wolfgang Staeck [Germany], import from Peru, exact collecting site unknown. 拍攝者 Wolfgang Staeck. (04- 6月-2010). 鑑定者 Wolfgang Staeck







13- 4月-2013

Apistogramma paulmuelleri Römer, Beninde, Duponchelle, Duponchelle, Vela-Díaz & Renno, 2013



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最初命名為 Apistogramma paulmuelleri:


  • Römer, Uwe & J. Beninde, F. Duponchelle, C.R. García-Dávila, A. Vela-Díaz & J.-F. Renno. 2013. "Description of Apistogramma paulmuelleri sp. n., a new geophagine cichlid species (Teleostei: Perciformes) from the Amazon river basin in Loreto, Peru". Vertebrate Zoology. v. 63(n. 1), pp. 15-34 (crc05008) (摘要)

保育: Apistogramma paulmuelleri 被評鑑為國際自然保育聯盟瀕危物種紅皮書名單中的 (DD) 資料缺乏 (2016). At present the conservation status of Apistogramma paulmuelleri is uncertain. The abundance of the species was found to be fairly low compared to that of Apistogramma at other locations investigated by Römer et al in Peru, as well as to Apistogramma densities in general observed previously at other locations in the upper and middle Rio Negro system in Brazil. A. paulmuelleri may not be vulnerable at present, as it has been collected in at least two locations. But progressive deforestation at the type locality and along the road from Iquitos to Náuta, as well as along main river channels in Amazonia Occidental, may put this (and other) endemic species of the District of Loreto at risk in the near future. This is already the case in species of other systematic groups such as birds and mammals. Hence the distribution and population size of this species should be monitored on a regular basis (Compiled from Römer, U et al, 2013).