Male in normal coloration
A male of Australoheros montanus in normal coloration in the aquarium of Paul V. Loiselle [USA]. The fish is also being circulated in the hobby as A. oblongus. This fish was from John Neimans [USA], who has traced their provenance as far back as Jeff Rapps [USA]. It is here tentatively identified as A. montanus.Photo by Paul V Loiselle.






Australoheros montanus Ottoni, 2012

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Original description as Australoheros montanus:

  • Ottoni, Felipe. 2012. "Three new species of Australoheros from southeastern Brazil, with taxonomic notes on Chromys oblonga, Heros autochton and H. jenynsii (Teleostei: Labroidei: Cichlidae)". Vertebrate Zoology. v. 62(n. 1), pp. 83-96 (crc04220) (abstract)

Conservation: Australoheros montanus is not evaluated by the international union for the conservation of nature in the iucn red list of threatened species.