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Lamprologus kiritvaithai Meyer, Foerster & Dieckhoff , 1986

Considered a synonym of Lepidiolamprologus boulengeri (Steindachner, 1909)

  • Konings, Ad. 1988. "Einige Bemerkungen zu Neolamprologus hecqui, N. meeli, N. kiritvaithai und N. boulengeri". Deutsche Cichliden Gesellschaft- Informationen. v. 19(n. 3): pp. 44–51 (crc02838)

Original description as Lamprologus kiritvaithai:


  • Meyer, Manfred & W. Foerster, H.W. Dieckhoff. 1986. "Eine neue Lamprologus-Art von der Kigoma-Bay, Tanganjikasee (Tanzania)". Das Aquarium. v. 20 (n. 209): 578-579 (crc01670)
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