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Haplochromis versluysi Lohberger , 1929

Considered a synonym of Haplochromis prognathus (Pellegrin, 1904)

  • Greenwood, Peter Humphry. 1967. "A revision of the Lake Victoria Haplochromis species (Pisces, Cichlidae), part VI". Bulletin of the British Museum (Natural History) Zoology Series. Series 15 (2); pp 73-77 (crc00191)

Original description as Haplochromis versluysi:


  • Lohberger, K.. 1929. "Einige neue Fischformen aus dem Viktoriasee". Anzeiger der Akademie der Wissenschaften in Wien. v. 66 (n. 11): pp. 92-94 (crc01674)
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