Male at Chimwalani Reef
A male of Tropheops kamtambo at Chimwalani Reef, Lake Malawi [Malawi].Photo by Juan Miguel Artigas Azas. (06-Nov-2008). determiner Ad Konings







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Tropheops kamtambo Li, Konings & Stauffer, 2016

Original description as Tropheops kamtambo:


  • Li, Shan & A.F. Konings, J.R. Stauffer. 2016. "A revision of the Pseudotropheus elongatus species group (Teleostei: Cichlidae) with description of a new genus and seven new species". Zootaxa. v. 4168(n. 2), pp. 1-29. DOI: 10.11646/zootaxa.4168.2.9 (crc07492) (abstract)

Conservation: Tropheops kamtambo is evaluated by the international union for the conservation of nature in the iucn red list of threatened species as (LC) least concern (2018). Tropheops kamtambo nowhere occurs in large numbers and most often only a handful of individuals is encountered during a dive. It is not targeted by fishermen and their gill nets won't be able to trap them inadvertently. The species is rather small and above all very slender and therefore difficult to catch. Also its distribution area is large enough to buffer a possible disaster at one of the reefs (Chimwalani or Luwala) that would wipe out all fish locally. I would regard this species as Least Concern.

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