Male at Lumbaulo
A male of Metriaclima xanthos at Lumbaulo, Lake Malawi [Mozambique].Photo by Ad Konings. determiner Ad Konings







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Metriaclima xanthos Ciccotto, Konings & Stauffer, 2011

Original description as Metriaclima xanthos:


  • Ciccotto, Patrick J. & A. Konings, J.R. Stauffer. 2011. "Descriptions of five new species in the genus Metriaclima (Teleostei: Cichlidae) from Lake Malawi, Africa". Zootaxa. v. 2011(n. 2738), pp. 1–25 (crc02837) (abstract)

Conservation: Metriaclima xanthos is not evaluated by the international union for the conservation of nature in the iucn red list of threatened species. M. xanthos was never seen in large numbers and also because its known area of distribution is restricted to a few kilometers of rocky shoreline it could be threatened in its existence. For the foreseeable future there is no threat because the species lives among the rocks at fairly deep levels where nets cannot reach without getting entangled in rocks. Lumbaulo and Mesuli Point are very remote areas in Mozambique and not much soil erosion has taken place there so that the species' habitat is safe for the time being.

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