Male in the aquarium
A male of exLamprologus sp. 'aff. ornatipinnis' in the aquarium of Heinz Büscher [Switzerland]. This species was discovered by Heinz Büscher in the Lake Tanganyika shore of the Democratic Republic of Congo.Photo by Patrick Tawil. (13-Dec-2006). determiner Patrick Tawil






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exLamprologus sp. 'aff. ornatipinnis'

Original reference as:

  • Büscher, Heinz H.. 1998. "Eigenheim aus zweiter Hand: Buntbarsche in Schneckenhäusern". DATZ Sonderheft Tanganjikasee. pp 51-59 (crc03555)

Conservation: exLamprologus sp. 'aff. ornatipinnis' is not evaluated by the international union for the conservation of nature in the iucn red list of threatened species. No data available. This species is scarce in its restricted habitat, but the rather great depths were it occurs may constitute a protection.

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