Individual at Luagala Point
An individual of Neolamprologus sp. 'benthosplendens' at Luagala Point, Lake Tanganyika [Tanzania]. Photo by Mattia Matarrese. (18-Sep-2019). determiner Ad Konings



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Neolamprologus sp. 'benthosplendens'

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Original reference as Neolamprologus sp. 'benthosplendens':

Conservation: Neolamprologus sp. 'benthosplendens' is not evaluated by the international union for the conservation of nature in the iucn red list of threatened species. When N. sp. 'benthosplendens' was first discovered by Tautvydas Pangonis and Mattia Matarrese in 2019 they noticed it was rare and to prevent a wild hunt for this attractive species by the ornamental fish collectors we decided to list just the locality within Mahale National Park where fish collectors are not allowed to fish. Now that we know that it is common below 40 meters we hope someone manages to retrieve some live specimens so that an aquarium population can be established. Neolamprologus sp. 'benthosplendens' is not a rare cichlid but lives below 40 m deep in a rocky type habitat which makes catching one not an easy task.