Male in the aquarium
A male of Paretroplus nourissati swimming in the aquarium of Patrick de Rham in Lausanne Oct-1999..Photo by Juan Miguel Artigas Azas. determiner Patrick de Rham




Low bodied


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Paretroplus nourissati (Allgayer, 1998)

Original description as Lamena nourissati:


  • Allgayer, Robert. 1998. "Descriptions de Lamena nourissati sp.n. genre et espèce nouveaux, endémiques de Madagascar (Teleostei: Etroplina)". Revue Française des Cichlidophiles. (179); pp 7-16 (crc00323)

Conservation: Paretroplus nourissati is evaluated by the international union for the conservation of nature in the iucn red list of threatened species as (EN) endangered (2016). Although not widespread in distribution, in the mid-1990s Paretroplus nourissati was stillrelatively common within its limited range in the Mangarahara and Amboaboa rivers. Nevertheless, in consideration of its very restricted distribution, Paretroplus nourissati would seem to be vulnerable to increased fishing pressure and continued habitat degradation. Unfortunately, de Rham and Nourissat (2004) report that on their most recent visit to the region (in 1999) they found the Mangarahara River upstream from its confluence with the Amboaboa River to be completely dry due to the combined effects of a prolonged drought in the region and water diversion to irrigate rice fields yearround via an upstream dam. Subsequent ichthyological surveys of the Amboaboa River found Paretroplus nourissati to be abundant in 2004, but greatly reduced in numbers in 2006, possibly as a consequence of the many years of severe drought that the region has experienced (From Sparks, 2008).

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