Male in Lake Bermin
A male of Coptodon gutturosus in Lake Bermin [Cameroon]. Photo by Adrian Indermaur. (02-Mar-2014).







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Coptodon gutturosus (Stiassny, Schliewen & Dominey, 1992)


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Original description as Tilapia gutturosa:


  • Stiassny, Melanie & U.K. Schliewen, W.J. Dominey. 1992. "A new species flock of cichlid fishes from Lake Bermin, Cameroon with a description of eight new species of Tilapia (Labroidei: Cichlidae)". Ichthyological Explorations of Freshwaters. 3(4):311-346 (crc00363) (abstract)

Conservation: Coptodon gutturosus is evaluated by the international union for the conservation of nature in the iucn red list of threatened species as (CR) critically endangered (2010). Coptodon gutturosus is currently under major threat from oil plantations and slash-and-burn agriculture leading to sedimentation and pollution in Lake Bermin. There is also a potential threat from the lake 'burping' CO2 — as in Lake Nyos and Lake Barombi-Mbo. In addition, deforestation of the surroundings of the crater may cause more wind which could lead to the lake turning of its stratified layers, with the lower layer being very low in oxygen and high in organic matter. Higher winds may cause currents in the lake which could cause this lower layer to mix with the upper layer where the fish live. This would cause a massive decrease in oxygen in the water and kill the fish (Moelants, 2010).