Adult from Ajinjo River
Ptychochromis inornatus taken in Jean Claude's Nourissat aquarium in Soill?s [France], in 1994. One of the first specimens caught by Patrick de Rham and Jean-Claude in 1992 in the anjingo river (under the bridge on the road antsohihy-Baleana).Photo by Philippe Burnel. determiner Patrick de Rham





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Ptychochromis inornatus Sparks, 2002

Original description as Ptychochromis inornatus:



Conservation: Ptychochromis inornatus is evaluated by the international union for the conservation of nature in the iucn red list of threatened species as (EN) endangered (2016). Nowhere is Ptychochromis inornatus abundant within its restricted range. The Ankofia and Anjingo river basins are moderately to highly disturbed and degraded throughout much of their course, with little original forest remaining. The small Bora Special Reserve represents the last remaining forested area in the immediate region. Ptychochromis inornatus was found to be relatively more common in the small Bemahavony River within the forested reserve than in the surrounding larger river channels. Lake Andrapongy is subject to high fishing pressure, agricultural conversion of a significant portion of the basin for rice cultivation, and the impact of several nearby villages (Stiassny & Sparks, 2006).

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