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Marcellus Gilreath

Species Size Price Unit Comments
Herichthys carpintis sell 10-12 USD $ 150.00 each red Texas unsexed
Amphilophus chancho sell 8 USD $ 75.00 each female (red chancho_
Amphilophus chancho sell 8-9" USD $ 75.00 each female
Amphilophus flaveolus sell 8 USD $ 70.00 each Unsexed
Amphilophus labiatus sell 8-9 USD $ 75.00 each female
Parachromis managuensis sell 10-11 USD $ 100.00 each female
Trichromis salvini sell 7.5-8 USD $ 75.00 each male
Vieja melanurus sell 14 USD $ 125.00 each believed to be female
Vieja zonata sell 12-14" USD $ 100.00 each Unsexed
Crenicichla lenticulata sell 13-14 USD $ 225.00 each female
Heros severus sell 10 USD $ 125.00 each Unsexed
Hypselecara coryphaenoides sell 12 USD $ 85.00 each Unsexed
Coptodon discolor sell 7-8 USD $ 55.00 each Unsexed
Heterotilapia buttikoferi sell 12 USD $ 100.00 each Unsexed

Locality: United States

Ships to: United States

Notes: These fish for sale are quite large. Those who are not able to pick up locally should be aware that the cost of shipping fish this size is considerable. Please take that into account if you desire to purchase.

Your name, address, and phone number must accompany your payment.

Shipping will only happen AFTER holidays. Any DOA occurring via next-day/same-day shipping will be refunded, as long as shipment is picked up within 2 hours of arrival. Two (2) clear photos of DOA fish must accompany any refund request. One additional photo should also show the integrity of the shipping box. Photos must not be altered in any way including any altering/changing of the metadata associated with the photo. Doing so will void any DOA refund request.

Any challenge to the species of the fish sent must be accompanied by PCR test results (your expense). Evidence of carrier mishandling is not covered under DOA policy and reimbursement will be between purchaser and shipper involved.

Sex of fish is not guaranteed; however, at the purchaser's request I will provide a photo of the fish vent for your inspection if any other photo requested is insufficient (based on morphology, color, etc.) to determine the sex of the fish to your satisfaction.

YOU are responsible for tank conditions and any compatibility issues between the fish you purchase and those already in your aquarium (if any). DOA policy on live arrival ends with your opening the bag. Purchasing multiple large fish may require more than one box. Each large fish will be shipped in its own bag, with heat packs (if needed), in styrofoam container(s) inside boxes standard for the shipping of fish. All fish will be fasted 24-48 hours prior to shipment.

PayPal payments only.

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