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Karen Haas

Species Size Price Unit Comments
Retroculus xinguensis sell 3" USD $ 30.00 each Only 1 available, unsexed
Benitochromis ufermanni want 1" USD $ 20.00 each want adults or fry
Haplochromis nuchisquamulatus sell 1/2" USD $ 20.00 group group of 6 unsexed L. Victoria
Tylochromis lateralis sell 2" USD $ 12.00 each from 2nd spawn in the US. Father is the gold head color form that doesn't look like the CRC picture
Unknown Furu Lake Victoria sell 1/2 USD $ 20.00 group Group of 6 Haplochromis sp. Katiri Point F3, ancestors collected by Lawrence Kent

Locality: United States

Ships to: United States

Notes: Alan Rollings and I usually ship via USPS priority mail, $20 (no live arrival guarantee), with breather bags and polyfilter. Styrofoam or foil-lined bubble wrap and heat packs in the winter. Please send a pic within 2 hours of first delivery attempt for DOA's. We are currently not labeling the boxes with "live fish" stickers due to those boxes seem to get delayed. Live arrival guarantee only with Express shipping for about $60 if it arrives within 2 days. Unfortunately we need to add this: First person to pay for the fish gets the fish. Saying you're interested, asking questions about the fish or asking what the shipping cost will be does not mean that the fish has been sold to you.

Last updated on: 2020-11-23 13:16:45