Cichlid Room Companion

SKONTAKTUJ SIĘ Z OGŁOSZENIODAWCĄ: Formularz do skontaktowania się z ogłoszeniodawcą w związku z jego ogłoszeniem.

Contact: Karen Haas. (Kraj: Stany Zjednoczone. Wysyła do: Stany Zjednoczone)


Tylochromis lateralis — Rozmiar: 1-1.5”, Cena: USD 8.00 each (Malebo Pool, Congo River 1-1.5” each plus $60 express shipping)

Kontakt e-mailowy

Notatki: Alan Rollings and I usually ship via USPS priority mail, $20, with breather bags and polyfilter. Styrofoam or foil-lined bubble wrap and heat packs in the winter. Please send a pic within 2 hours of first delivery attempt if there are more than DOA than the 2 extras we usually send. We are currently not labeling the boxes with "live fish" stickers. It appears that someone at our local postal center is placing obvious fish boxes on the slowest truck in the opposite direction of their destination.