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Contact: Joseph Middleton. (Country: United States. Ships to: United States)


Mayaheros urophthalmus — Size: Small, each (Hello. I seek this species for my own, private experimentation. I assure you that the fish will not be harmed. I thank you)

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Notes: There is an order minimum of $35. I ship on Mondays following the receipt of funds and confirmation by the bank that the funds were accepted, unless the day is a Federal holiday. I ship to US customers only. Buyer is responsible for adherence to their local laws regarding fish permissible to own or transport in their state. Fish are shipped in breathable bags with Polyfilter cubes. USPS priority flat rate shipping is $20 for six fish up to 1" in size. Heat pack is $3 extra and will only be included if requested and paid for. I will guarantee only USPS Express shipments, email me for a quote. Guarantee is only for the price of the fish, not shipping. If a heat pack is not purchased and the shipment is sent between October 1 and April 15, the guarantee is void. Buyer must send me a picture of dead fish still in uopened bag within one hour of receiving fish. I will refund the buyer the price of the fish lost, not the cost of shipping. There is no refund due to USPS delay or unavailability of recipient. There is also no guarantee that the group will consist of an even or mixed sex ratio, unless specified in the listing. Please make sure that your address in PayPal is correct.